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Varley and Gulliver has been at the forefront of road safety solutions for the last 60 years, with our bridge parapets, pedestrian barriers and passive sign supports all designed to keep road users safe.

In the UK alone, five people are killed and more than 60 people are seriously injured in road crashes, on average, every single day. Varley and Gulliver is committed to helping to reduce these staggering statistics.

The company’s UK-manufactured products, which are tested to EN1317, CE marked, MASH and NCHRP350 approved, are created to minimise the risk of a collision or to reduce the impact in the event of a crash.



Varley & Gulliver is passionate about safety, and its products are compliant with the most stringent safety standards. Many products not only meet world safety standards but exceed them. With a range of services that include supply, installation, inspection, refurbishment and repair, safety is never compromised.


With over 60 years of knowledge, Varley & Gulliver has the experience and expertise to support engineers and road authorities around the world on the most complex of schemes. Understanding client needs and the latest safety standards ensures that Varley & Gulliver is at the forefront of highway safety. Alongside our sister companies, we have solutions for a wide range of projects, each led by industry experts with many years of experience.


As leaders in highway safety products, Varley & Gulliver is dedicated to quality and continuous process improvement and aims to exceed the expectations of every client. This approach has ensured the highest standards within the industry and the business continually monitors and measures feedback. The company is ISO 9001 approved, which encompasses UK National Highways Sector Schemes for Vehicle Restraint Systems.


Bridge Parapets

Erected on the edge of bridge structures and elevated roads to prevent errant vehicles from leaving the highway. Systems available have been approved to EN 1317, NCHRP 350, MASH and BS 6779.

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Pedestrian Barriers

The pedestrian guardrail is used to separate pedestrians from vehicles, whilst the pedestrian parapet is for applications where there is a likelihood of a fall from height. Many pedestrian parapets are installed on ramps, stairs, and curves.

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Passive Sign Supports

Passive sign support systems are designed to break under impact from an errant vehicle, thus reducing the likelihood of death or serious injury to the occupants. Following an accident a collision, passive sign supports can be easily replaced by unbolting the existing baseplate to foundation anchorage connection and replacing with a new support.

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Varley & Gulliver


Varley and Gulliver is part of Hill and Smith Holdings PLC, an international group of companies operating within the infrastructure and galvanizing markets.

One of the group’s main objectives is to create sustainable infrastructure and safe transport through innovation.

Along with other companies from the group, Varley and Gulliver has signed up to the Carbon Footprint Standard, and is now on an important journey to reduce its carbon emissions.

All of our products are compliant with the ‘Design Manual for Roads and Bridges – CD 377 Requirements for road restraint systems,’ and our team of leading experts can help you to select the most suitable system for your project.


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