Strengthening Nature’s Roots with the National Forest and H&SI Partnership

Hill & Smith Infrastructure proud to be CSR Partners to the National Forest

Celebrating Earth Day, we are pleased to announce a partnership between Hill & Smith Infrastructure and the National Forest. This partnership further supports our dedication to environmental stewardship and aligns with our ESG values, promoting a balanced relationship between nature and our road infrastructure while contributing to a greener future for all. 

The National Forest is an ambitious environmentally-led regeneration initiative that spans 200 square miles of the Midlands. It has transformed a post-industrial landscape into a thriving wooded environment, connecting the ancient remnant forests of Charnwood and Needwood. Our partnership with the National Forest supports their aim to demonstrate that people and nature can thrive together.

Over the past three decades, the National Forest has made remarkable progress in its mission to create a healthy, connected, and wildlife-rich environment. Some of the key achievements include:

  • Planting more than 9 million trees since 1991
  • Transforming over 8,000 hectares of habitat
  • Increasing forest cover from 6% to 22%
  • Planting over 100km of hedgerows
  • Supporting 5,000 tourism-related jobs annually

“We are glad to contribute to the National Forest’s efforts, enabling them to continue planting trees, creating new woodlands, and managing wildlife habitats.

We believe that every effort counts towards the ongoing transformation of the landscape and its habitats.”

Kathryn Cooper, Head of ESG

Visit the National Forest website here: