Pedestrian Guardrails &
Pedestrian Parapets

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Pedestrian barriers are installed to guide and separate people from vehicles and other hazards.

Varley and Gulliver’s pedestrian barriers include the pedestrian parapet and the pedestrian guardrail, known as V&G Rail, which are both designed to protect people on foot.

The pedestrian parapet, commonly used on footbridges and stairways, is designed to protect people from falling from height.

V&G Rail, designed to guide pedestrians to safe crossing places and to prevent them from walking into the road, is often located in potentially hazardous places, such as pedestrian crossings, outside schools and in shopping areas.

Available in aluminium and steel, our entire range of pedestrian restraint systems are manufactured by Varley and Gulliver in accordance with BS 7818 and PD CEN/TR 16949, to ensure the highest quality standards.

Our pedestrian barriers range from a standard height of one metre up to 1.8 metres, with one metre to two-metre standard panel lengths. All of our systems can be customised to suit a chosen design or to include lighting.

All of our steel systems are galvanised to ISO 1461. The aluminium option provides a whole life cost benefit as no protective coatings are required.

Our team of pedestrian barrier experts not only supply and install our products, but they also offer an inspection and repair service, if required.

All of our products are compliant with the ‘Design Manual for Roads and Bridges –
CD 377 Requirements for road restraint systems.’


Pedestrian Guardrails

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Pedestrian Parapets

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