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Highway solutions that include bridge parapets, pedestrian barriers, and passive sign supports. Varley & Gulliver have been at the forefront of road safety solutions with their HiMast Passive sign supports, VarleyGuard & V6Guard bridge parapets, and VG Rail GuardRails and range of Pedestrian Barriers.

UK manufactured products tested to European EN1317, CE marked and American standards MASH and NCHRP350, products designed to protect.

Bridge parapets

Erected on the edge of bridge structures and elevated roads to prevent errant vehicles from leaving the highway. Systems available have been approved to EN 1317, NCHRP 350, MASH and BS 6779.

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Pedestrian Systems

The pedestrian guardrail is used to separate pedestrians from vehicles, whilst the pedestrian parapet is for applications where there is a likelihood of a fall from height. Many pedestrian parapets are installed on ramps, stairs, and curves.

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Passive sign supports

These systems are designed to break under impact from an errant vehicle, reducing the likelihood of serious injuries to its occupants. Following an accident, passive sign supports are replaced by unbolting the existing baseplate to foundation anchorage connection and replacing with a new support.

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We cannot emphasize enough the importance of accurately casting anchorages. Any errors may only be discovered at the time of VRS installation and can then lead to delays.

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