Enhancing Road Safety: The Role of Passively Safe Signposts

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Passive Safety is an extensive topic and if you are involved in the design and implementation of road safety systems, our guide will help you navigate this complex subject.

The concept of passively safe products has evolved in the last few decades, initiatives have emerged, new legislation has been introduced, and manufacturers started taking the lead in the development of passive safety solutions and constant innovation.

One of the products that often brings up questions are passive sign supports; how they work and what are their benefits compared to traditional signposts.

Passive sign supports can provide a great alternative for traditional signposts protected by safety barriers, however there are considerations that need to be taken into account when deciding whether to opt for them, and when determining their placement.

As a manufacturer of road safety solutions, we are passionate about passive safety. We are dedicated to quality and are committed to supporting every stakeholder involved in the design and implementation of road safety systems with more information on the concept of passive safety solutions. As part of this endeavour, we have compiled a guide that covers all of the above.

What can you expect from the guide? It will:

  • give you background information on the history and the concept of passive safety;
  • summarise the BS EN 12767 standard, developed to provide means of testing and assessing the level of passive safety offered by road equipment support structures;
  • explain the difference between traditional and passively safe sign supports;
  • outline factors that need to be considered for the placement of passive posts;
  • address some common concerns relating the safety of passive post;
  • provide useful sources of information.