Varley & Gulliver – Part of the VRS Solutions Group

The VRS Solutions Group brings together Varley & Gulliver, Asset VRS, Hardstaff Barriers and Hill & Smith Barrier, which are all part of Hill & Smith Ltd.

The move consolidates all existing UK Hill and Smith Ltd Vehicle Restraint System (VRS) subsidiaries, connecting all temporary and permanent products and services. As a result, the level of service provided to customers is strengthened and the supply of high-quality barrier systems to the road network and security industry is enhanced.

Safety is a high priority for all the companies involved, with every product manufactured and supplied designed to keep people and property safe. The companies’ strong individual divisional brands and faces to market are maintained within the business group.

Peter Wilkinson who leads the group said:

Our new leadership team is excited by the opportunity to transform and grow this newly-formed group. The bringing together of our VRS businesses will give greater opportunities to all employees, creating career opportunities and new leadership roles.

This new group also strengthens the range of our products, enabling enhanced service, solutions, choice and support for all of our customers.